Youth, Success and the Mini Skirt

ImageIn an international conference, there was a successful young lady in her 20s that impressed everyone with her never-ending list of outstanding achievements. She took great pride in her career successes, which never fail to bring her status, wealth, and respects from many others.

“Have you ever gone to a club, wearing a mini-skirt and doing crazy things with your friends in the last 20 years?”, out of a sudden, a professor in the conference asked. 

Surprised and unprepared, the young lady answered: “No, I haven’t. I was too busy with my career to do all of this.”

The professor smiled and spoke gently: “Don’t worry, I’m not going to blame you for that. But you know what, there are certain things that you can only do when you are young. I have been wearing long pants for the last 80 years and there is nothing wrong with that. But think about it, will you still wear a mini-skirt, go to a club and kiss a random guy when you are 80 years old?…

Once youth and beauty leave you, they are gone for eternity. So after this, maybe you will want to spend some time enjoying life and do crazy things when you are still young, won’t you?”