A Who’s who of the Minions

A Who's who of the Minions - Designed by Jalen Lun and Lynn Pham

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There has never been a definite guide to the names of the Minions in the original Despicable Me movie until today. Follow us on this journey as we unravel the identities of the minions together! Disclaimer: All information is found after countless hours of rewatching the movie and researching the available toy lines on the Internet.

Jalen and I spent a total of 1 week working on this infographic exclusively for Collectibly. We decided to kick-start this project because everybody loves minions and there are tons of minions collectors around the world. It is obviously a great way to bring our brand out there and this time, our infographic literally went viral! We weren’t able to keep track of all the shares/views or likes of our infographic across so many platforms, but at least on visua.ly, our infographic has garnered 33.5k views and 3.1k likes: http://visual.ly/whos-who-minions. Woot! Great content rules!
Although this infographic is a success for Collectibly, I am personally a bit sad when I saw our infographic being reposted on 9gag and many other platforms without crediting us as the original author. A random guy on 9gag cropped out our company’s watermarks and blatantly take credit of the post for himself, which makes me extremely furious as can be seen here http://9gag.com/gag/axNZgrK?ref=fb.s. Of course, we commented there to reclaim our authorship for the post. However, there is not much we can do because that 9gag post has gained a whole load of likes and views while our brand name was no where to be found. Anyway, we learnt a valuable lesson from this incident. Next time we will be ready to face these content thieves!