A Guide to Superman’s Kryptonite

A Guide to Superman's Kryptonite

This is the first infographic that I have designed in my entire life and it turned out to be quite decent. After two hours of us posting it on Collectibly’s blog, it went viral on tumblr. 200+ likes and reblogs totally got us by surprised. We didn’t expect the responses to be that many though because it’s the first time that we have churned out this kind of content. It’s like experimenting with new stuffs all the time and we never know what will be the result. It can be good, it can be bad, but at least we learnt our lessons. It’s basically the gist of a start-up’s life. So after all, our hypothesis is confirmed: people love infographics.

There were a good mix of both positive and negative responses, which is good because at least the content is interesting and controversial enough to spark some heated discussions. So I hope you enjoy reading it and do feel free to give me feedback because I would love to hear from all of you!

You can find the original blog post on Collectibly’s site by clicking onto the picture. Have a great weekend ahead!
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Great software for new designers!

Designing, which always sounds dreadful to me, is now part of my current job. I was delegated the task of designing some of the company’s marketing materials, which have consisted only of some facebook timeline covers, company’s images and recently one inforgraphic for our blog post. Creating your very first piece of artwork that delivers your message effectively to the target audience is not easy, let alone designing something that is aesthetically attractive to people’s tastes. However, as a novice graphic designer, I have been using some of these online applications to help me come up with a great number of artworks. Wordle is the one that I have tried today and it was great. With a bit of trying out here and there, I just blindly put in some chunks of text that are written in my company’s website without a clear understanding of how the final result will look like. I clicked the “Go” button. Voila! This is the result:


The app was clever enough to showcase an infographic that represents the frequency of the words that I have entered. With some final touch-ups and modifications to the color palettes and layouts, this is the final look that I am looking for:Image

Not bad right! Maybe you might want to give http://www.wordle.net a try in the future if you have run out of ideas for your infographics/designs. I will be back soon with a review on other useful software for new designers. Have a great day ahead!