6 things that I learnt in my 20


1) Try not to be a commitment-freak. 
Anybody knows that going to college is something extremely exciting. When you are about to enter university, you are possibly enticed to join a whole bunch of CCAs, Orientation Camps, interest groups, hall activities or something seemingly more prestigious – your school’s student union. However, don’t be a fool and over-commit yourself in too many activities. That is an indirect way to kill yourself as you will surely find yourself limping through the semester.

2)You might be crazily interested in hundreds of things/clubs that your school offers, but always remember to prioritize. 

Consider which one will add more value to your personal development, build up your social network, get you off your chair to exercise or just simply make you enjoy yourself doing it and then commit to it. Never promise to join those activities that you clearly know that you will not be able to (or just don’t want to) invest your precious time in it. There are only 24 hours per day and you are absolutely not superman/woman in its true sense plus the fact that human’s most basic need nowadays is surfing internet (considering facebook/youtube as your best of friends), you would rather spend your time getting enough sleep to sustain your life than participate in your CCAs. Trust me.

3) Opportunities, experiences and knowledge are out there.
Lots of them. Just have faith and keep looking if you haven’t got what you want. As long as you have tried your best, gathered as much help as possible from seniors, friends, teachers, tutors and had patience in your journey of self-development, opportunities will come to you. If you are longing for a good internship for summer and things didn’t happen the way you have expected, keep applying.

4) You will never be able to survive college if your main sources of energy are from instant noodles and Milo. 

I admit that they taste freaking awesome if you eat them once in a while, but instant noodles, while cheap, cannot replace one’s daily diet. If you don’t want to be fainted due to low blood sugar during the day, remember to eat properly. Fast food and late-night suppers are inevitable, but think twice before you decide to go or not. Your health as well as your pocket money will soon approach an alarming state long before you  know it. Be careful also if you spontaneously decide to “purify” yourself by temporarily adopting a vegetarian diet while in school. Without a proper dieting guidelines, you will never be able to cope with school work as well as those CCAs that you have promised to yourself that you will die die commit to them.

5) Although moving in with your gf,bf during college is one’s own choice of lifestyle, I personally think that it is stupid.

Temporarily moving with your boyfriend in is totally fine. But girls, please always have a backup plan. Never give up your independence (in this case is probably your room, your personal computer, your facebook password, your personal ideologies, even your virginity or whatever thing that makes you feel confident of yourself) as you move in with your boyfriend. Things change. People change. Relationships change. Faith and trust in your other half might not be eternal. You guys might agree to go steady, but steady doesn’t mean forever. So do not risk giving in everything belongs to you in a relationship, no matter how much you love the other person.

6) Friends come and go. 

Do not waste your time for those that always look down on you behind your back. That’s where they are meant to be – behind you. It takes time and sleepless nights to figure out who are the friends that you have to get rid of before they drag you to their own abyss.  They make you feel bad about yourself and inject their toxic ideas into your brain with a hope that you will someday fail like them. You will have to struggle and suffer a lot from their meanness before you come to realization. But that’s when you are freed from these people. Knowing when to let go and eliminate a toxic person from your life is an important skill that anyone has to learn in life. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not have faith and trust in those around us, it just means that people are hard to understand and we need to have doubts to simply protect ourselves.   

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