My childhood dream comes true today. I still remember the excitement I felt when I was about to see it. Just a little more time, a few more steps, I would be able to witness what I have always dreamed of as a child. Yup, if you are curious about what I am rambling about, here is the thing: 
Yeah right! S.E.A Aquarium Resort World Sentosa – Also known as the world’s largest aquarium!
I guess everything Singapore has is either the best, the largest, the highest because people are super kiasu here haha! (FYI: kiasu means “A fear of losing used to describe a person who is overly competitive; afraid to lose” according to wikidictionary lol 🙂
I’m still very very excited about it even though I have spent like 5 hours wandering around the aquarium for like 3 full rounds. I have to confess that I am neither a fish-lover nor a water-sports person, but I love watching fish for no sound reason. Documentaries about marine life never fails to amuse me since I was a child. 
However, despite the fact that watching fishes move around in a giant fish tank is a huge pleasure for me, I am afraid of touching fishes. I hate the feeling of swimming among the fishes, that’s why I never dare to go diving or trying out any kind of water sports. You may think that this is ridiculous, but people do come up with paradoxical reasons and fears that they simple cannot explain. Putting that aside, I did not have to dive with the fishes today (or simple don’t have enough money and skills to do that haha :D) and I refused to touch any fish at open fish tanks like this one:
And there is a huge Open Ocean Dome that makes me feel like I was entering a magical world that only belongs to my imagination. I spent around 20 minutes just to sit in front of this giant fish tank and silently witness these marine creatures in awe. The beauty was speechless. 
Sometimes I wonder whether these awesome fishes ever look down on us – human beings – while we are busy beholding their presence. Instead of the fact that they are putting on a show to entertain us, we might be seen as a bunch of minions to these arrogant creatures. People have to feed these fishes, care for their needs and health to keep them alive in this giant artificial tank so that the aquarium gets its profits. So who is the one that has the bargaining power now, the fishes or the humans? Just my mundane 2 cents of thoughts. 
Oh man… I wish I can just pay for the admission to the giant fish tank instead of having to buy the full tickets for the other worthless attractions. Sigh :-<
However, chilling in front of this giant fish tank sipping a cup of hot milk tea and leaning against the shoulder of this famous boyfriend is still freaking cool. Yup I will S.E.A you again soon if I need a quick getaway from school works and stresses, provided that I have enough money to pay for this again. Haha :))
My trip today to SEA Aquarium was a very fulfilling one 🙂 
(Credit of all these pictures belong to the owners. Exception: the last one is mine haha)

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