My trivial pursuits before doomsday

Hi peeps. It is such a wonderful feeling to have this frevelent desire again after such a long long time, Suddenly, I feel like I have lots of stuffs to write in my new entry. The anticipation toward the time that I can finally sit down and begin to write is unbeatable. Ideas just keep pilling up in my mind. And this urges me to get this post started asap.

I have been back in my hometown Hanoi for nearly a week now. And this is actually the reason why I have so many things to pour out on my blog now. It is always good to be back home. I am going to enjoy 1 month here for my winter vacation before going back to NUS, my so-called “existing-hell-on-earth”. But I still love NUS anyway. Although it feels suck when I have to mug like crazy for tests and assigments during sem’s time, NUS is indeed beautiful and always like my second home to me. After 1 year struggling with school work, hall-life and health + emotional problems, I started to love the busy and hectic lifestyle which is so common here in NUS. Yet, it is always good to be back at home, where I can truly “rest” without worrying about exams and assignments. Vacation is absolutely awesome. And soon enough, I eventually get to smell the long-lost satisfaction of complete freedom. 

No school work! No assignment! No presentation! No rushing like crazy for deadlines (which really means “dead”-lines)! No long hours mugging in library! Yeeepy!!! ( 1 word only: Divine!)

Nevertheless, after 4 or 5 days of watching some chessy Korean series or facebook-ing and going shopping both online and offline for shoes and winter cloting, I started to feel super duper bored. I suddenly missed those harsh deadlines and exams because at least I have something to keep my restless brain occuppied.

Opportunity came when I least expected it. Although I have been searching for jobs in Hanoi to employ my self during my one month break, they were not successfully made possible for me in the end. I wanted to tutor Humanities for some NUS applicants during my Dec vacation. I also planned to apply for one of the latest established start-up company in the so-called “PR and public image” industry in Hanoi. They might sound interesting, but both were not feasible to be completed in a short period like 1 month IMO. 

I suddenly came across an available position for afamily,vn writer on facebook one day. It was for the Fashion and Beauty column of the online website, and requires language skills (both Eng and VNese) and writing skills for online articles. I think this position perfectly fits my personality. Also, I have always wanted to do something related to the journalism industry. At least I can apply some of the things I learnt in school into reality.Experiencing what is it like to be a journalist in real life is precious for a novel writer like me.
At least I am happy with what I’m doing right now. I sleep for 9 hours everyday, then hang out with friends or look for cool n trendy fashion topics online to write about. Life is great when you actually get to do something you like.


Dooms day, come at me! I’m ready! (If there is something called “a real doomsday” LOL )   




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